Accounting and payroll services for foreign companies operating in Czechia

We handle payroll and staff-related finance matters in Czechia, including dealings with the authorities and drawing up tailored reports.


We provide comprehensive payroll services

Our team can take care of your payroll and all the staff-related responsibilities in the Czech Republic. We provide these services both in respect to Czech employees as well as foreign nationals employed by your company. We can provide each one of these services to you individually or together in one service package.

We will represent you in dealings with the authorities

We act on your behalf in communication with the social security administration, health insurance companies and other institutions, including the tax authority and its tax inspectors.

A tax specialist is part of our team

Our team also includes experienced tax advisors. With their help, we deal with tax issues on an ongoing basis, look out for potential risks and inform you of new developments. A tax advisor’s work is closely linked to that of an accountant, which is why they are constantly in touch. We share important information and news on changes in payroll and tax rules among the members of our team as well as with you. This allows us to help you avoid being swamped by problems at the end of the year.

Reporting the way you like it

We prepare all the necessary materials for foreign companies operating in the Czech Republic so that they don’t have to change the way they report. Our accountants do the bookkeeping based on the processes used in the particular foreign company, which meets its requirements as well as its statutory duties according to the Czech laws.

Over the years in this business, we’ve seen reports produced by many companies and to tell you the truth – we couldn’t make heads or tails of many of those. We’ve chosen to do things differently and produce reports which are understandable and tailored to your requirements. You yourself will choose which numbers you need to know to run your business. We will supply those numbers alongside our recommendations, if we have any. We certainly appreciate that time is money. Delivery of all reports at the agreed times is guaranteed.

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