Management consulting and interim management

We independently evaluate your business plans and you can also rely on our experience in times of change.


We provide transaction advisory services and evaluate your business plans

Are you looking to make a significant investment (e.g. in a start-up) or planning a different major business project? We will conduct independent assessment of all your planned steps. Thanks to our unbiased view, we are able to better evaluate the bottom line.

We can represent you in meetings with investors when you are selling or buying. If we find any discrepancy or discover that the planned investment isn’t beneficial for you, we will let you know. We protect your interests first, even if this should affect our remunerations.

We provide interim management services

We will help you bridge over periods of major changes and other extraordinary situations you may encounter during the course of your business. These can include e.g. a sudden need to reinforce the finance or accounting team or a sudden loss of a management asset. In such situations, we are prepared to reliably reinforce your team and temporarily take over the responsibilities of e.g. the CFO, chief accountant or other finance department officials. Until you hire a permanent replacement, all his or her responsibilities will be handled by us.

Business doesn’t follow a textbook, it is constantly changing. You need to find your own way to success. As external advisors, we often feel certain concerns in companies: “What do these guys know about running a real business?!”In fact, all our key employees have joined us after their own career in business. We haven’t always been consultants. This is our strength and reason why we are able to break down these barries and prejudices quickly. When we come to advise a company, we quickly get to understand its unique position, establish the principles of co-operation, the processes and deadlines and we stick to them. This tends to break the ice.

Radek Jakubík
AICCON Founding Partner

We respond quickly and effectively

AICCON appreciates that today’s world requires a fast response with maximum effect. Our aim is to save your time, so we act promptly and provide you with only the relevant outputs, free of unnecessary “fluff”.

We have practical experience in the field

All of us at AICCON have come from the business environment and we understand it well. We are not consultants who only know the theory, we’re experienced professionals. We help our clients deal with issues and problems we have encountered in our practice before.

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