Finance department outsourcing

We provide finance and payroll department services, helping you to optimise the use of your staff and save time and effort.


We optimise the use of your staff

You can outsource some or all the tasks of your accounting and payroll departments to us. We can take care of the jobs of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), controller, chief accountant, or the whole finance department. We are prepared to temporarily boost your staff and provide for substitute employees if needed.

Our experienced specialists with the required qualifications and know-how will be available to you as long as you need them (e.g. for a specific project, a set period of time, or on a long-term basis). This will reduce your operating costs as well as staff training expenses.

We save your time and effort

You will be in touch with a stable team of people who share information among themselves, so you will not be asked the same questions all over again.

When your accountant stays home sick, you need to look for a substitute.

We certainly appreciate that time is money. Delivery of all reports at the agreed times is guaranteed.

Even better, we will take care of all communication with the relevant institutions.

We are not just your accountants, but also your tax and strategic advisors

Accounting is just a part of the services we provide. Our team also includes experienced tax advisors. With their help, we deal with tax issues on an ongoing basis, look out for potential risks and inform you of new developments. This allows us to help you avoid being swamped by problems at the end of the year.

Our strategic advisors represent our added value. They are ready to consult with you in situations such as acquisition/sale of a company, merger and entering a new market. Their independent perspective will aid you in overcoming challenges encountered in the course of your business.

We will set up processes together and stabilise volatile situations

We are here to help you. You can continue using your current accounting system; you do not need to change anything.

We can work with all common accounting solutions, so if you prefer one, we will continue using it. If any changes are needed, we will discuss them with you and gradually implement them based on an agreed schedule.

We provide a broader, unbiased perspective. We help you set up and implement internal processes and control mechanisms.

We are ready to take care of the finance department’s tasks in selection procedures. We can help you stabilise the situation when your company faces a crisis or if there is a stagnation in productivity and/or sales.

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